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100 Dollar Bill

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Firefox, Popular?

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Among the online world’s hottest commodities, nothing sizzles quite like Firefox, the new Web browser by the California-based Mozilla Foundation that’s causing sleeplessness in and around Seattle, Microsoft Corp’s home turf.

Since Version 1.0 of Firefox went public about a month ago, about 10 million Internet Explorer users have seen the white-hot light and switched, gnawing off a huge chunk of IE's dominant market share (about 4 percent of it) while easing their security concerns. (This week, Microsoft announced five new security flaws in IE, bringing the total this year to 45 — or about 43 more than many people consider tolerable. And last week, Penn State University implored its 80,000-plus students and faculty to stop using IE purely for security's sake.)

Reporter: David Sheets
E-mail: dsheets@post-dispatch.com
posted by Editor, 10:56 PM


I'm hearing good reports about this web browser from someone I trust. I'm going to check it more and will probably download it. If it's done right I shouldn't have to do patches, wouldn't that be something!!!! R
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:33 PM  

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