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100 Dollar Bill

Whatever might pique my interest

Donate rebate

Friday, January 25, 2008

The idea is simple.

Pledge to donate fully 1/3 of your newly minted U.S. Government Stimulus Rebate check to the Ron Paul campaign.

One third is the equivalent of the taxes that you would have paid the IRS (Federal, State and local) for this money. What better way to spend this money then to donate it to the only Presidential candidate that will make fiscal conservation a "Day One Priority".

Building an empire is busy, expensive work. But its unnecessary work. The USA has no need of an empire when we can't even take care of our own.

When money is thin at home, we cut unnecessary things such as Cable T.V. and eating at restaurants. Smart people don't run to the bank for a loan so they can buy dinner at McDonalds or even taking a vacation.

Your Government will be going to the bank (China) for a loan to pay out these "rebate" checks. Not such a good idea.

This is why I suggest donating a portion, 1/3 to the Ron Paul campaign.

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Ron Paul effect on Democrats

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ron Paul Causes Democrats to Circle Their Wagons

Only John McCain, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul have a feasible chance of winning the nomination, but Ron Paul is the sole candidate with a chance to beat the Democrats in the general election. He has to be a major motivator of the current wagon circling going on inside the Democratic Party because McCain and Romney do not match up well with any Democratic candidate. McCain's persistence in "staying the course" and his trigger-happy mentality will not appeal to moderate voters who are tired of our endless and deadly involvement in the Middle East. He runs on supporting the troops, but Ron Paul is the candidate who receives more donations and endorsement from service men and women.

This is an excerpt.
Read the entire article at:
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

An open letter to garner support for Ron Paul. Send it to friends and family.


I am writing you to plea for your help.

I would vote for any candidate that will help us end the war and help us end poverty. I’m all for lasting peace and prosperity for a change. I would vote for any candidate that would end the illegal income taxation, end the privately owned Federal Reserve monopoly, and end the inflation tax that is eating away at our savings, costing us more interest on loans, more at the pumps and the grocery store. I would give much of my hard earned money to a candidate that has always stood up for Americans and continues to fight for our lives and rights here at home. I would without question vote for a candidate that has never swayed; flip-flopped, never voted to raise taxes, voted against this Iraq invasion and against the Amnesty bill. I would without a doubt trust a candidate with my vote who voted against the Patriot Act, the so-called Patriot Act that has taken so much of our own freedoms away in the name of terrorism.

I’m sorry to go on and on but I really need your help. Please take just a couple minutes, watch this video, and tell me if you think this seems like the best candidate for President. Just click here… http://www.youtube.com/p/F827B75FB861683F

Please, please, let me know what you think,

Your Name

P.S. Could you send this on to some friends if you felt the same way I do?

video that above link points to:
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Hanging Wright

A lawyer arrived home late, after a very tough day trying to get a stay of execution for a client who was due to be hanged for murder at midnight.

His last minute plea for clemency to the governor had failed and he was feeling worn out and depressed.

As soon as he walked through the door at home, his wife started on him about, 'What time of night is this to be getting home? Where have you been? Dinner is cold and I'm not reheating it.' She went on and on and on.

Too shattered to play his usual role in this familiar ritual, he poured himself a large whiskey and headed off for a long, shower, pursued by the predictable sarcastic remarks! as he dragged himself up the stairs.

While he was in the shower, the phone rang. The wife answered and was told that her husband's client, James Wright, had been granted a stay of execution after all. Wright would not be hanged tonight.

Finally realizing what a terrible day he must have had, she decided to go upstairs and give him the good news.

As she opened the bathroom door, she was greeted by the sight of her husband, bent over naked, drying his legs and feet.

'They're not hanging Wright tonight,' she said.

To which he whirled around and screamed, 'FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WOMAN, DON'T YOU EVER STOP?
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What to do with your counterfeit rebate

Monday, January 21, 2008

This is an interesting idea...

Comment from: Why the Ron Paul Revolution Should Focus On The Federal Reserve System

Posted By: Chad_Underdonk
Date: 2008-01-20 06:40:09

Okay boys and girls, here's a new thriller for ya. Dubya is talking about giving us all a nice healthy "save the economy & love your government" check for a few hundred dollars each. This money will almost surely not come out of anyone else's budget, and since it is at the behest of Ben Bernanke you can bet that Dubya will gladly take out a new loan "in our behalf" to pay us that money to stimulate the economy.

So in essence, we will be devaluing our money to give ourselves a check. I dunno about you, but as far as I know there is only one peaceful way to stop this kind of monkeying with the economy. As a point of fact I didn't have the money before they printed it, so I'm no worse off...other than the devluation of the rest of my resources, so I've decided that I will give whatever I get to the Ron Paul Revolution. I will either give it directly, or use it to buy supplies to inform people what is really going on. I find it semi-amusing that the same money they are going to "counterfit" to give us is the same money I will use to try to stop them from"counterfeiting" more.

If you don't hear from me again after they start issuing checks it will be becaue my wife skinned me alive (because she isn't fully convinced about Dr. Paul yet). Realistically though any heartache I get from not personally spending the newly minted money stolen from all of us will be nothing compared to the blood, sweat, and tears of the patriots that have stood against tyranny on our behalf before.

Vote for Paul with your hearts, your minds, your enthusiasm, your sweat, and your wallets. If we can reach enough people we can take back our stolen country.
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another Blackout of Ron Paul

link to the post
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Busted trying to hide Ron Paul

Link to the actual post
read between the lies
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Taxes on tips is an Important issue in Nevada

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

From: news.rgj.com

Reality Check

Speaker: GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul

Claim: "It is an outrage that waiters, waitresses, and other service-sector employees have to pay taxes on the tips they earn."

Context: Paul's statement is a regular part of his stump speech that he has delivered throughout the country. He said it is an unfair tax because the government is taxing people simply for doing a good job.

Accuracy: The Internal Revenue Service Tax Code does require service industry personnel to estimate and pay taxes on their tips. Paul has Introduced House Resolution 3664, the Tax Free Tips Act of 2007, which will exempt tips from federal income and payroll taxes. The issue particularly hits home with many Nevada residents who work in the service and gaming industries and rely on tips to make ends meet.

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My comment on an excellent Ron Paul discussion

Story at Product-Reviews.net
I believe we will see the Democrats destroy each other in the coming months. With the Clinton “pull no punches” campaign and the lack of experience from Obama, this can be the only outcome.
People will really start to see that the mainstream GOP candidates offer only platitudes and bandaids for this injured and hemorrhaging country.

Ron Paul will become seen as the only candidate to offer real promise to what ails us. His record is proof of truth.

People may not agree with every thing he says, but is there a candidate out there that the people do completely agree with? Is there a candidate that doesn’t run around saying what they think you want to hear?
Today, Romney is telling Michigan what he thinks they want to hear. If you listen to his words, you will discover that he really has no plan. He just says that he plans on working to find a solution.

Ron Paul already has solutions and he is talking to the country as a whole, not just each potential group of voters.

Seriously look at Ron Paul and the issues. Let your common sense take over and realize the truth.
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Letter to Ron Paul supporters

Monday, January 14, 2008

Attention Ron Paul supporters:

January 14, 2008

It was the summer of 1787. The Constitutional Convention was about to take place in Philadelphia. And George Washington, the former commander-in-chief of the Continental Army was planning to stay at home in Mount Vernon. Only after hearing the compelling call of the people was he persuaded to make the trip.

And how could he not? Not only did Washington attend the convention, but he later accepted the calls to be our first president.

This was not a job that George Washington asked for. But the times called for a strong, wise person to lead our infant nation. And his pride in his country and his devotion to civic virtue left him no choice.

And now it is 2008. Politicians repeatedly ignore the Constitution and reject the principles of our founding fathers. We are a nation clamoring for leadership not from another politician, but from a statesman. We do not yearn for trivial soundbites and empty rhetoric, but for truth and wisdom and understanding.

Can there be any doubt that Ron Paul is who this country needs? A man of the utmost integrity and a man of humility. But most importantly, a man with the right ideas - of tolerance, of love, of freedom, and - of course - of the people.

Ron Paul is in the thick of this race. Almost 30,000 proud Americans already have cast their ballots for Ron Paul in both Iowa and New Hampshire:

1. Romney 103,755 30%
2. McCain 102,361 29%
3. Huckabee 66,876 19%
4. Paul 29,648 9%
5. Giuliani 24,151 7%
6. Thompson 18,712 5%

We must do everything - absolutely everything - that we can to win the Republican nomination for Ron Paul. And no one involved in any way with this campaign can afford to not give 100%. It's going to take all of us, working independently, but working together - from every staff member here in Arlington, to our Meetup organizers in Chattanooga and our donors in California.

Above all else, there are two critical things for you to focus on:

1. Canvass, Canvass, Canvass! We are trying to win a nationwide presidential election, but the revolution will be won one precinct at a time. This country is made up of approximately 180,000 precincts, so the most important thing that you can do is take ownership of your own area. Remember, winning a majority of delegates starts in your precinct.

Winning elections is not easy. But Ron Paul has an invaluable asset that no one else has - YOU. If you work as productively as possible within your precinct, we can get out the vote as effectively as possible on Election Day. This means that canvassing, above everything else, is top priority. Take charge in your area and become the leader of your precinct now: https://voters.ronpaul2008.com.

2. Donate. This campaign is financed through your contributions, and only through your contributions. Unlike other campaigns, special interests do not have influence here. Therefore, Ron Paul's ability to win this race is up to you. Winning on Super Tuesday requires television ads, direct mailers, phone banking, staff, radio ads, and local offices and organizations.

How much of this we can do depends on you. This is your campaign. Help Ron Paul by donating today: https://www.ronpaul2008.com/donate.

This contest is just getting started. It's up to all of us whether it finishes in a way that would make George Washington proud.

Jonathan Bydlak
Fundraising Director
Ron Paul 2008
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Save Your Jobs; Vote Ron Paul!

UAW members that support Ron Paul for President, plan a rally on Monday Jan 13 at the Ford Michigan Truck plant.

Their slogan "Save Your Jobs; Vote Ron Paul!" is part of their plan to tell other union members about Rep. Ron Paul and the revolution message.

full story on BusinessWire
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Another great comment. Proof that the Ron Paul message is changing minds

This comes from:

Romney Rally Attracts a Ron Paul Supporter

I was leaning toward Fred Thompson for lack of a better choice until I discovered Ron Paul three weeks ago. I really like his integrity and strong anti-illegal immigration stance. No anchor babies and no welfare for illegals sold me. Mit is just too liberal and seems like a flip-flopper. I would pick Mit over Rudy and cazy hothead McCain.

link to the comment

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An excellent comment about Ron Paul

Sunday, January 13, 2008

This comes from watching the watchers.org
The post is about Rep. Ron Paul and the "Elect ability" question from the Fox South Carolina debate.

When I first heard of Ron Paul, I dismissed him. He wasn't a name I knew, and I thought he was little more than a small-time candidate who would disappear in a few weeks. After I heard about the money he was making online, I decided to take a look. What I found impressed me. Instead of a candidate who is just trying to maintain the status quo of overspending and being the world police, we have a candidate who wants to move away from that. His goals and the fact that he stays true to his ideals is completely different from the other candidates out there who are nothing but liars trying to guess the magic pass phrase that will gather everyone to their banner so they can win and get started forgetting about everything they promised to do.

This sums up what many people feel when they first hear of Ron Paul.

view full comment here

This is our country. We need to take it back.
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Grassroots support in action

Saturday, January 12, 2008

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Wear Ron Paul to work

Are you willing to wear your Ron Paul shirt to work?

I have had an interesting response from co-workers when I wear my Ron Paul for President tee shirt.
Some give me a hard time for wearing a political shirt. Of course, the interesting thing is..they don't know its political until I tell them who Ron Paul is.

Then some respond with the old "Lesser of two evils!" statement or the "I don't vote because it never does any good!" statement.

To this I say "Check out Ron Paul. You may be surprised."

I have had two very promising responses. One in particular sticks out. C.Schultz, after questioning my shirt, took a look at Ron Paul online and discovered a worthwhile candidate. Someone worth supporting.

Now, whether or not his support is monetary, doesn't really matter. What matters is the fact that he will now tell others about Ron Paul. Specifically the Ron Paul message.

Wearing Ron Paul clothing is a great way to spread the message. Its one of the most important ways to introduce people to the idea. The idea that there is a candidate that actually wants to address the damage that has been done to our great country.

Ron Paul Friday - be the message!
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New Ron Paul ad

Saturday, January 05, 2008

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Adam Curry Endorses Ron Paul

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Fair and Balanced...Thanks a lot, Fox News

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