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Wear Ron Paul to work

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Are you willing to wear your Ron Paul shirt to work?

I have had an interesting response from co-workers when I wear my Ron Paul for President tee shirt.
Some give me a hard time for wearing a political shirt. Of course, the interesting thing is..they don't know its political until I tell them who Ron Paul is.

Then some respond with the old "Lesser of two evils!" statement or the "I don't vote because it never does any good!" statement.

To this I say "Check out Ron Paul. You may be surprised."

I have had two very promising responses. One in particular sticks out. C.Schultz, after questioning my shirt, took a look at Ron Paul online and discovered a worthwhile candidate. Someone worth supporting.

Now, whether or not his support is monetary, doesn't really matter. What matters is the fact that he will now tell others about Ron Paul. Specifically the Ron Paul message.

Wearing Ron Paul clothing is a great way to spread the message. Its one of the most important ways to introduce people to the idea. The idea that there is a candidate that actually wants to address the damage that has been done to our great country.

Ron Paul Friday - be the message!
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