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100 Dollar Bill

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OPEC a monopoly?

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Why is it, every time the price of oil starts to drop, OPEC steps in to stop the drop?

Monopolies are wrong. The price of things are determined by the market, not by the company, companies or cartel. Cartel, in this case, the OPEC Cartel has supreme rule over the price of oil. Why we, as the world community allow this to happen is beyond me. In the U.S., we feel it necessary to spend millions to prosecute companies that supposedly have a monopoly(microsoft etc.) Maybe the world should prosecute OPEC as a monopoly. What do you think?
posted by Editor, 7:59 PM


I agree with you 100% "D"........ You keep up the good work with these stories....
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:59 PM  

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