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100 Dollar Bill

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Change your oil...save $100

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I've paid for oil changes and I've done them myself.
The average price for an oil change at the "fast oil change places" is about $30. That's if you don't fall for any of their add on sales.
You need to change oil roughly every 3000 miles...right?
Average mileage in 12 months...15000 miles
That totals up to $150.00
Doesn't sound like much...right?

Change your own oil!
12 quarts of oil on sale...$1.00 per quart= $12.00
2 filters reg. price...$4.oo ea.
Total for two oil changes...$20.00 plus time
5 oil changes per year...average.

You save $100.00
Yes I realize that $100 over the course of a year isn't much.
Try this...
Pick a nice warm day, drive to an open air parking ramp, drive to the top and get out. Walk over to the edge, dig in your pocket, pull out a $100 and throw it over the side. Now watch as the breeze takes the $100 and sends it elsewhere. Some one might have a happy day but I'm sure you won't !
Change your oil!
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