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Donate rebate

Friday, January 25, 2008

The idea is simple.

Pledge to donate fully 1/3 of your newly minted U.S. Government Stimulus Rebate check to the Ron Paul campaign.

One third is the equivalent of the taxes that you would have paid the IRS (Federal, State and local) for this money. What better way to spend this money then to donate it to the only Presidential candidate that will make fiscal conservation a "Day One Priority".

Building an empire is busy, expensive work. But its unnecessary work. The USA has no need of an empire when we can't even take care of our own.

When money is thin at home, we cut unnecessary things such as Cable T.V. and eating at restaurants. Smart people don't run to the bank for a loan so they can buy dinner at McDonalds or even taking a vacation.

Your Government will be going to the bank (China) for a loan to pay out these "rebate" checks. Not such a good idea.

This is why I suggest donating a portion, 1/3 to the Ron Paul campaign.

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