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100 Dollar Bill

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My comment on an excellent Ron Paul discussion

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Story at Product-Reviews.net
I believe we will see the Democrats destroy each other in the coming months. With the Clinton “pull no punches” campaign and the lack of experience from Obama, this can be the only outcome.
People will really start to see that the mainstream GOP candidates offer only platitudes and bandaids for this injured and hemorrhaging country.

Ron Paul will become seen as the only candidate to offer real promise to what ails us. His record is proof of truth.

People may not agree with every thing he says, but is there a candidate out there that the people do completely agree with? Is there a candidate that doesn’t run around saying what they think you want to hear?
Today, Romney is telling Michigan what he thinks they want to hear. If you listen to his words, you will discover that he really has no plan. He just says that he plans on working to find a solution.

Ron Paul already has solutions and he is talking to the country as a whole, not just each potential group of voters.

Seriously look at Ron Paul and the issues. Let your common sense take over and realize the truth.
posted by Editor, 4:01 AM


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