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100 Dollar Bill

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An excellent comment about Ron Paul

Sunday, January 13, 2008

This comes from watching the watchers.org
The post is about Rep. Ron Paul and the "Elect ability" question from the Fox South Carolina debate.

When I first heard of Ron Paul, I dismissed him. He wasn't a name I knew, and I thought he was little more than a small-time candidate who would disappear in a few weeks. After I heard about the money he was making online, I decided to take a look. What I found impressed me. Instead of a candidate who is just trying to maintain the status quo of overspending and being the world police, we have a candidate who wants to move away from that. His goals and the fact that he stays true to his ideals is completely different from the other candidates out there who are nothing but liars trying to guess the magic pass phrase that will gather everyone to their banner so they can win and get started forgetting about everything they promised to do.

This sums up what many people feel when they first hear of Ron Paul.

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This is our country. We need to take it back.
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