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Nexus One to be Gone by August

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

If there had been a CDMA version...I probably would have found a way to buy it.

CDMA limitation is a big FAIL!

Nexus One to be Gone by August

We knew Nexus One was going to be leaving; but given the slow sales history, I was honestly expecting the phone to be around for another month at the earliest. According to Google, if you want a Nexus One, you better buy now.

A Google spokeswoman told The Times on Tuesday that the Mountain View, Calif., company expects to sell out of its remaining supply by the end of the month but wouldn’t say how many units it received.

After that, she is history. Well, for the American general public that is. Nexus One will still be available in other countries. Developers of all nationalities will also be able to purchase the device through their Android Market developer account.

Read more at androidspin.com

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