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Firefox : It saves you Time and Money!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

How can a web browser save you time and money?

Security. For starters, a secure browser, like Firefox, keeps out the spyware/malware. This alone frees up untold hours each month that would be spent removing these invasive programs. They are also responsible for huge computer slow-downs. (Time = Money)

Spyware/malware infestation may get to a point where you need to get help from a professional or worse have to purchace a new computer. This is not something most people look forward to. (Professionals are not cheap!)

Firefox is easy. And it's actually fun to use. Multiple tabs, favorite/customizable search bar (without having to add a toolbar program) Theme's and tons of optional customizations through extensions.

Pop-up-blocker (built in) ...need I say more?

Try it, you may find you love it and wonder why you have waited till now to do it.
and if you do like it, you find it enjoyable, you find yourself talking to friends about it, send a donation to keep Firefox on the right track.

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