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100 Dollar Bill

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Protest to the Ebay Fee Structure Increase

Saturday, January 15, 2005

To: ebay Ebay sellers are very concerned about the recent fee increase. Of course as ebay grows, it is understandable that the fee structure will increase. But sellers are questioning the amount of increase, mainly the gallery fee (from 0.25 to 0.35) and the final value fee (from 5.25% to 8%).

Many sellers are making little profit as is. Ebay is clearly discouraging the smaller sellers, however don't all sellers have to start out somehow? Sellers are saying that they will have to close their ebay store due to the subscription increase, or increase their prices to offset the fees. Many people want to leave ebay entirely.

The long term of the increase of the fee structure are:
a) Smaller sellers will stop selling on ebay and try to sell somewhere else online. They will never have the chance to expand themselves on ebay.

b) Larger sellers may consider starting their own...

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