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Email program

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Wanted to share this link to an awesome email fixer type program. Called email stripper. What it does is eliminate all of the < symbols located in forwarded emails.
This cleans up your emails in a few simple steps.
It's free and small and best of all...you don't install it. It just works!
Download it and click on it to use it.
p.s. I like it so much I'm gonna link it to this site!
posted by Editor, 8:38 PM


Nice idea. A new tool can make the things you do go 100 times faster. I always try to find the perfect version of the tool.

I would use textpad replace feature, can use /n to replace or insert line breaks or /i to insert a growing number.

Could record a "clean email" macro. Click record macro > click find > type the ">" click "find" > select "cut" > stop recording macro > give it a title.

Then you have a macro that strips the > from the text in textpad in 1 click.

But this wont preserve tags or pictures in the email. For that you will need a program like email stripper.

commented by Blogger Gaby de Wilde, 2:32 AM  

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