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Google adds another Gig?

Friday, April 01, 2005

A true Gigabyte = 1024 Megabytes. So...2 gig. would equal 2048 meg. All the news services that say that Google/Gmail will add another gigabyte, are actualy promoting a mis-truth(lie). Google/Gmail is really only adding another 1000 meg to their online storage. If I were you(people that complain about everything) I would demand that either Google/Gmail give up the 48 meg of storage or that the reporting services stop reporting a falsehood. We all know that big(in this case huge) business is a favorite target of those who feel somehow cheated. This is B.S.
Leave them alone! Google/Gmail did not have to shell out this. You don't see huge pharmaceuticals giving the consumers anything.(except debt) Oil companies...well you know the drill.
Google has figured out how to make money. If it means more people will use their service, then they will make even more money. Which means they might give even more back to the world. More, meaning quality services. Services you have to pay for else where. Stop bitching! I like FREE...no...I LOVE FREE!
So, keep up the good work, Google/Gmail and keep those others hopping to keep up.
posted by Editor, 4:11 AM


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