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Saturday, June 30, 2007

This has to be Asian SPAM run through a translator if I am not mistaken.

Dear Sir or Madam:
Sorry to take your precious time.
We are an Electronic Commodity Global Trade Company, our commodity for example: tv, notebooks, phones, psp, projectors, dvd, mp3/4, GPS,musical instruments ....
After many year experimental investigation, our commodity is outstanding, and the price is lower .As well as we have established the VIP member. If you order the massive goods, the price must be cheaper. Adapt The seller wholesale and Personal order .If you intested in, please land our website and contact with us.
Our website is: http://www.nyqbw.com
MSN/EMAIL: nyqbw@hotmail.com
skype : nyqbw1
ICQ : 396737552
I hope we will cooperate happy. Good luck for you!

"I hope we will cooperate happy"

Come on...Who talks like this?
posted by Editor, 3:17 PM


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