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I like big butts

Friday, April 01, 2005

For dinner on Wednesday night, we decided to go to Lucy's kitchen. (didn't want to cook) Of course there is the usual fighting in the van, between the kids, about where they want to sit. Anyhow we walk into the restaurant and of course we see someone we know from church. This does not bother me. I can see that it bothers my wife though. See the kids are sometimes a little less than well behaved in public places. Waitress comes over, I give her the normal B.S. routine that I'm sure they all get from customers like me. Anyhow, at some quiet time between when we order and when we receive our food, Alex, who is 5(that's him in the pic at the top) in a clear voice, belts out "I like big butts" of course he only knows this part of the verse. (thank you Sir Mix-a-lot and others) I blame Josh (14 yr. old brother) because of some video game he has been playing. Turns out it's in about three movies that have been stuck in an endless loop at our house for about three weeks. Of course in the movies they only play the signature line about the butts not the whole song. Am I thankful? I don't know and I probably don't care. The people we know from church pick this time to get up and leave. Oh-oh, were they offended? Again who cares? They have kids... and if they don't understand, it might suck to be there kids. We ate, paid and left and made Alex mad cause we did not have a quarter for the inevitable vending machine at the front door. Can a guy catch a break?
posted by Editor, 4:33 AM


Hey "D" .... I'm happy to say that my kids are all grown up now... I guess the grandkids are next. :-)
commented by Anonymous Aunt Cindy, 4:47 PM  
go check this out for some funny stuff

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:56 PM  
how funny. my kids have been singing i like big butts too here lately. LOL
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:36 AM  
What a wonderful story! I think you can expect him to say just about anything. I'll be looking for more stories! R
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:20 PM  

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